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9 Problems we love to help solve

Free & Aligned IT Resources

Where do I find free IT resources that supports my Nonprofit? Can we trust these free IT resources? Will they be in the best interest of my organization?

NextStep Solution

There are a multitude of IT resources available to Nonprofit organizations. Because we focus on the Nonprofit community, NextStep provides resources there are and how to align those resources to our clients.
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Office 365 for Nonprofits

Office 365 is set up, but I'm not sure if it is optimized for my organization or if best-practices are in place.

NextStep Solution

There are many best-practices when pertaining to Office 365. NextStep is available to perform a cloud assessment for your organization and deliver a presentation of those results. NextStep is proud to implement safe and secure Office 365 environments for the Nonprofit community.
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G Suite for Nonprofits

G Suite and Google Apps are free for Nonprofits, but am I taking advantage of the benefits?

NextStep Solution

NextStep knows G Suite and the best way to set it up to support the unique issues that face Nonprofit Organizations. Contact us for a cloud assessment today. Let's review the results and collaborate on the best outcome for your organization.
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Grant Funding & IT Planning

Unrestricted funds for IT are not included in Grant Funding

NextStep Solution

NextStep understands Nonprofit organizations have unique funding requirements and cycles. Working with Nonprofit organizations, we develop specialized plans that take this into account now and in the long term.
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Dashboarding of Data

Grants must be supported by real data and results but I'm not sure how to dashboard information to present to my stakeholders.

NextStep Solution

Funding is always paramount for Nonprofit Organizations, and being able to demonstrate effectiveness of programs helps to ensure future grants. NextStep has a data dashboarding platform and process to show the results your stakeholders require.
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I am not sure how to answer compliance audits (CARF, PCI, HIPAA). Am I prepared?

NextStep Solution

IT is more than break fix. NextStep knows the required policies and procedures that Nonprofit organizations need to have successful audits, such as CARF, PCI, and HIPAA.
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Remote Workforce

The amount of employees working remotely is increasing. What is the best practice for managing IT systems for remote workers?

NextStep Solution

NextStep recognizes the changes in funding that Nonprofit organizations are facing and NSN has developed solutions to assist organizations with this shift from center-based services to field-based services.
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Volunteer IT Support compared to Managed IT Services

Our Nonprofit organization requires more support than our volunteer IT staff can provide. I want the best results but need to manage my budget closely.

NextStep Solution

Dedicated volunteers are invaluable, but there is a time when the technology requirements surpass the bandwidth of volunteers. NextStep knows how to develop customized support solutions to handle this transition and companion your current IT support staff.
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IT Budgets and Plans

We can't be surprised with unexpected costs so I need a dependable technology plan/budget, or, I have an IT budget but I'm not sure if it covers my entire organization.

NextStep Solution

Understanding the funding cycles for nonprofit organizations is critical to developing budgets that work. Unexpected technology costs could be catastrophic to programs. That is why NextStep works with your executive team to develop technology budgets that have no surprise costs.
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The 1% Pledge

The mission of NextStep Networking is  “To make our communities better places to live, learn, and work.”  Our mission highlights the key industries we support – nonprofit organizations, local governments, K-12 education, and small businesses.  NextStep Networking has a passion for supporting the organizations that make a difference in our communities, and the 1% pledge allows us to extend our work.  NextStep Networking donates 1% of outsourced technology contracts to our nonprofit partners. We also donate 1% of our for-profit partners contracts to a nonprofit partner of their choice.  They are able to use these funds for any need they may have.

Any NextStep Networking business client with an outsourced technology agreement may select a NextStep Networking nonprofit partner to receive a donation equal to 1% of that agreement.

Snapshot of Our Services

At NextStep Networking, we recognize that generating money for your nonprofit is probably not your mission, but is likely a goal.  Our 30+ year commitment to making our community a better place to live, learn, and work is only validated by action, and we ask that you consider joining our ecosystem of customers, client-partners, and non-profit service providers that help support a shared mission of improving the lives of those we serve.

Technology Support

Full service IT managed services with 24/7 monitoring and on-call support.

Security Assessment

Do you know how your score?  We have 15 areas of assessment.

Staff Augmentation

Local and part of the community.  Let NSN take care of your IT staffing needs.

Cloud Management

G Suite & Office 365 management by the pros at NSN

NTen Certified IT Consulting

Certified techs & consultants aligned to your mission

Hardware Sales

One-stop shop for all of your network and device needs.