Let's make your cloud migration a success.

The path to a  successful cloud migration is unique to every organization.  There are a number of factors to consider.  Below is a guide that contains some of those factors.

Consider Intended Outcomes


  • What workflows are going to change?
  • Will the result replace VPN or remote access?
  • How will file/folder permissions be impacted?
  • What new features will be available and useful?


Prepare the IT environment:

  • Device/server preparation
  • User awareness
  • Extensive file structure planning
  • Organizational policies and personal policies are reviewed/established.

User Training


  • Users should participate in training before, during, & after migration
  • All stakeholders are aware that the migration is going to occur & understand the rationale & benefits of migrating
  • Users know where to access training materials as-needed & have a point-person to work with when questions arise.
  • Training is customized and crafted for departments/buildings/job roles

Secure the Cloud


  • Cloud console security policies & settings
  • Backup, disaster recovery, & file retention rules
  • Personal device policies and organizational acceptable-use-policies

Migration of Email


  • Licensing
  • History/Retention
  • Public Records
  • eDiscovery
  • Inbox Sizes

Migration of Data


  • Outdated Files
  • Archiving
  • Naming Convention Standards
  • Sharing & Security
  • Organization Needs
  • Departmental Needs
  • User Needs



  • How to increase productivity & collaboration
  • Facilitating a pilot group to demonstrate new ways of working
  • Modeling successful individuals & departments

End User Experience


  • Continual training
  • Onboarding/hiring practices and how they are impacted by the migration
  • Remote users
  • Sunsetting old/replaced technologies

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