Let us be the technology experts so you can focus on your mission.

NextStep Networking, in collaboration with Leadership Council for Nonprofits in Cincinnati, has created a special menu of IT services specifically to serve your nonprofit’s needs.  They are designed to be easy to understand & deeply discounted. 

Not sure what IT services you need?  Not a problem!  Receive a complimentary IT assessment with your Leadership Council membership. 

Complete our contact form and be sure to mark “member of Leadership Council for Nonprofits”. 

Not sure if you are a member?  Contact info@leadershipcouncil.us

Leadership Council for Nonprofit members in Greater Cincinnati may receive the following discounts:

-Annual IT Goals & Direction Setting

-Annual Dark Web Scan

-Annual O365/G Suite Admin Panel Assessment

-Discounted rates for Helpdesk Services & Managed Infrastructure

NextStep's Exclusive Menu for Leadership Council for Nonprofits Members:

Another Reason to be a Nonprofit NextStep Customer...

The 1% Pledge

The mission of NextStep Networking is  “To make our communities better places to live, learn, and work.”  Our mission highlights the key industries we support – nonprofit organizations, local governments, K-12 education, and small businesses.  NextStep Networking has a passion for supporting the organizations that make a difference in our communities, and the 1% pledge allows us to extend our work.  NextStep Networking donates 1% of outsourced technology contracts to our nonprofit partners. We also donate 1% of our for-profit partners contracts to a nonprofit partner of their choice.  They are able to use these funds for any need they may have.

Any NextStep Networking business client with an outsourced technology agreement may select a NextStep Networking nonprofit partner to receive a donation equal to 1% of that agreement.

"Living our mission to make our communities better places to live, learn and work."

Complete our contact form and be sure to mark "member of Leadership Council for Nonprofits".

Leave blank if none apply.